Thursday, March 27, 2008

Damon, TX. Population 535 ! NetNanny.

I have been trying to get to Damon to see a little motor home that is for sale down there. I am still trying to find one that I like better than the one I have, or is in as good a shape as mine. Yesterday I decided to make the trip. The owner wasn't going to be home until about 5.00pm, but she had left the keys in it, for me to drive it, and try it out. That's a small TX town for you!
My daughter, grandson, and two of my great grandsons live not too far from there, so I wanted to make a day of it, and visit them, too. I am still not comfy driving the Little Van, and I put poor old Puddle Jumper through her paces once again, and clocked about another 300 miles on the poor old thing. ( Now nearly 193,000 miles on her).
The last time I had been to my daughter's new house was over two years ago for "The Celebration of Susan's Life", (my granddaughter who got killed by a drunk driver), and I wasn't really concentrating then, so had to stop in downtown West Colombia, near her old house, and call for directions. My SIL, and daughter rolled up in different vehicles, and I was escorted to their house. It was good to see them again.
I didn't see my two great grandsons, Susan's boys, as they live with their Dad and other Grandma, and were busy. When my grandson, Tony arrived home from school, we had a good reunion, and then my daughter drove me to Damon, TX. When the RV lady was giving directions to my daughter on the phone she said we had to turn at some biker place. My SIL has a big super Suzuki motor cycle, and so of course my daughter knew right where it was.
The RV was in pretty good shape for it's age, and had been taken care of, but it didn't have the storage that mine has, and I thought I might need that, if I ever manage to be a "sunbird", and get away from the heat in the summer. I might have to resort to towing a Cargo trailer, which wouldn't be a bad idea, as I plan on hitting some flea markets, anyway !!

My grandson had been taken to a church meeting, and my daughter said that I could use his computer. It has NetNanny on it, and she was trying to extend the hours that the computer can be used, and get the 'chat block' off it. Well, it didn't work, and as she was busy watching some favorite show on TV, I just gave up on it.
Everyone seemed concerned about me driving back through Houston, in my 20 year old car, (that has more spent on it on maintenance, than what it is worth, except to me), and it would be dark, so I stayed the night. I slept in the spare bedroom that my other granddaughter, Kim, and her son use when they come to visit. I didn't know until the next morning, that Susan's urn is in there. It is comfy, but I am like all Rvers, I would rather be in my own surroundings, so I didn't sleep well. I have never slept in my daughter's house before, I have always visited in my RV, as I have Bobcat, and my SIL is allergic to cats.

I left there at 6.15 am, when my daughter was leaving to go to work, and I still got caught up in the Houston traffic, and didn't get home until 9.00 am.
I picked up Jay, and we spent 3 hours detailing the Little Van.
Definitely a nap day !

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Anonymous said...

I did not know about your granddaughter. I am sooo sorry to hear about that. There is an empty space in your heart I know but another star shines bright at night.