Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Sanding and Poly. Foster Kittens Back Here

I picked Jay up at 8.00 am, it was tank top weather.

We worked on the doors for the entertainment center in the Class B. I had bought some oak trim to go around inside the frames on the doors, we knew it was too wide, so we cut it down carefully, with the table saw. Then mitered it on the chop saw, and glued it in place. Now the doors will have their final sanding, and be polyurathaned. We have already dry fit them, and they look good.

Ray arrived and he worked on the oak for the Little Van. It should be all done tomorrow.

After lunch, Jay and I went into Conroe to pick up a few things, including my foster kittens. Kenya, my SPCA boss, has had them for over a week as they have just been spayed. She took them to Conroe Adoption Day, and I picked them up. Someone filled out an SPCA application for them, while they were at The Woodlands Adoption Day last week. But their vet said that he couldn't release info without their consent... that is a code that usually means "Not a suitable home", in a polite way. They were very happy to see me, and they are enjoying the screen porch now. They might have to sleep there tonight, as I have the 5 poodles sleeping in my grooming room tonight. There is only a dutch door between the grooming room to the "Middle Room" where the kittens normally sleep. If one of the kittens were to go over it, the poodles would be on them as a pack. I don't think that they would hurt each other, but I don't take chances.

The poodles don't mess with Bobcat, as she told them that she was the boss and matriarch, eight years ago when I started boarding them. They get two hours of "house time" each evening that they are here, and so I have 5 poodles at my feet right now. Bobcat walks right past them, and if one moves she gives them a "Don't Even Think About It" look.

The bottles of "beer" are for Speedhitch. The first picture is "Wet Snout Stout, Doggie Lager, Waggley Tail Pale Ale". The second is "Happy Pet Lager". Sorry Speedy, this is for dogs. Did I hear you barking ?

I saw that they had the parade for St. Patrick today.

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