Monday, March 10, 2008

Rainy Day. An MRI. More Airstream Pictures.

It started out gloomy, and then turned into rain. I went to pick up Jay, and he wasn't ready. He had fallen off the wagon, and wasn't in any shape to work. He just wanted coffee and aspirin !! Then he wanted me to help him hook up his kitchen sink in his new house that he has built next to his mother, but he wasn't in any shape to do that either. So I just came home and did a few jobs around here. Jay's mother had to go for an MRI, and she didn't want Jay to go with her, as he is gets loud, talkative, and repetitive, when he is like that, so I went with her. That took until about 5.00pm, by the time we stopped at HEB grocery store, too. It is a shame that she has to put up with his antics, and he had been doing so well, too.

The top two big pictures are of the desk we made in the bedroom of the Airstream Motorhome. The two smaller pictures, left, are of mirrors that we made to cover up blemishes on the walls that the medical clinic had made. I bought oak that matched the rest of the Airstream, and mirrors, and we made the frames, and mounted them to the walls in the dining and vanity areas.
I also bought the gold colored soap dish and toothbrush holder to go on the wall in the vanity area, to go with the gold towel rail, faucets, and toilet paper holder.
The last little picture on the bottom is the shower that we made, and installed, also with gold fixtures, as the medical clinic had taken the original shower out.

So not much got done today.

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