Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fiesta at VFD's Dinner. Still Chilly, But Got the Staircase in.

My son in law, center, is Captain in the Volunteer Fire Dept, in his area. This is my daughter, left, in her dress for the VFD Fiesta Dinner. On the right is her one remaining daughter.

With the threat of 30 deg. for last night, I went out in the twilight and covered up my trough of several thousand Aloe Vera plants. It is on the north side of the house, and I didn't want them to suffer, or to lose them. The privet along the fence, has lost it's leaves, but it will soon bounce back this Spring. It has an underground timed water system, which also waters the trough of aloe in front of it. In the top right of the picture is the back of the RVport, and guest house.

Jay and I got the new attic staircase installed, finally. Getting the old one out was the hardest part. The new one is narrower, and we had to shim the opening. We also had to take the bottom third off it, and then add some back on, without the hinges, as it is a 7' ceiling there.

Ray did more sanding, staining, and poly on parts for the White B, and the Little Van. It was sunny enough for him to work outside on the work tables, even though it was chilly at first.
It is supposed to be around the 70's for the next week, but some thunderstorms. Maybe the weather will straighten out, after all.

So that is it for another day.

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