Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chat Friend's Pictures.

It is a lovely sunny day, now. But it started out cool, and we, Shay and I, knew it was too cold for Shay to do her pressure washing job on an Open Road fifth wheel, about 9 miles away. Who wants to be soppy wet and cold, too? We had loaded up the ladder, pressure washer, hoses, long handled brushes, buckets and all that stuff, in the back of the Puddle Jumper. Then my cat boarder's Mama called and said that she had got back early, so we waited for her to pick up Emma.
At 11.00 am we took off, and it was nice weather by then, and I dropped Shay and all the stuff off, and I picked her up about 3 hours later. She was supposed to to have done two trailers, but with the late start, she was already beat.

For the RV-Dreams chat folks here are some pictures. The first picture is Phyllis, in red, and her husband, Bob, on her right. Phyllis and Bob have a Dolphin MH with one great big slide. They spend their summers in WA, and winters in Yuma, AZ. That is Russ (rcooper) and his wife, Sandy, in white, they used to have a Bounder. Russ' health stopped them from traveling. They have a little white poodle called Marshmello, and a cat.

The second picture is Arch (gcbr) back when he was a commodore for the Great Cardboard Boat Regatta, and had a beard. You remember, he is the guy with the lovely royal blue/pearl white GMC MH and Toad, and the gorgeous Victorian house, that I put pictures up on March 4th. He shaved off his beard a while back, and I have seen pictures of him without it, at his son's wedding, but I think he looks so distinguished with it !! Looks like he could model in an ad for some nautical product.

That's it for today.

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Dee & Jim said...

Thank you so much for the chatter pictures!!! It's always fun to see who people are since we chat so much. Arch is a handsome dude!!
Dee (RV-Dreams)