Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day off, went Thrift Shopping. Bobcat

I started out with several of layers of clothes, and took them off as the day got warmer.

I needed some things in Conroe, and as Jay and Ray had dropped Shay off at one of her jobs, on their way to Cleveland, I picked her up when she was ready, and we went thrift shopping.

We didn't find anything earthshattering, but I did find a new fanny pack for carrying things around here, like my cell, and nitro-glycerine. I also carry a few little tools, tape measure, pencil, and keys to the rigs. I have a belt pouch to hang off it for the house phone, and a LED flashlight. On my last fanny pack the zipper went out, it was a shame as it was a really good one from Northwest Products, Alaska. I'll be looking for another one like it.

I also bought a nice little white toaster oven for the Class B. We were going to install a toaster/convection oven that I have, in there. But it wasn't going to fit right, and it is very heavy. Class B's don't often have ovens, and need one. But now that Coleman has come out with an oven that runs on 1-lb propane cylinders that can be used on a picnic table, that will keep a lot of the heat out of the kitchen.

I also bought a shell pink terry bathrobe. My bathroom is all shell related, and shell colors. Pictures, clock, shower curtain, bath mat, lamp, and everything has pictures or the shape of shells on it. When I lost nearly everything in the flood of 94, it didn't ruin my shell collection, so I still have them ! But they are in a glass fronted cabinet in another part of the house, saves dusting them !!

I finally found a royal blue bathroom rug, and bought it. The other bathroom has a royal blue and white decor, with a touch of sunburst yellow.

I am still looking for sailing boat, anchors, and light house decorated things for the Class B, but didn't find any today.

We stopped for a bite to eat, and then went to HEB to get some grocery items, and by then we were ready to get home.

Bobbiecat was upset that she had been left in the house while I was gone. So she marched to her screen porch, and here she is out there. I don't leave her on the porch while I am gone, as you never know when the weather is going to change here in TX.

So that was my nice sunny day.


Anonymous said...

Penny how in the world do you do it. You must have more energy than a Cummins Diesel! You all do good work from what I can see. I am an old cabinet maker myself and still have a shop full of tools. I love working with wood every chance I get. This was a good read. You sure are a busy lady.

latter Speedy

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you, Speedy. We usually only work on the RVs in the mornings as I have other jobs in the afternoons.
I still have my little "Groom & Board", so I do some dog grooming in my little grooming room, and some boarding of a select few.
Happy Trails, Penny.