Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cold, Windy Day. New Potatoes.

Nothing special today, except for a chilly, biting wind. The cats and kittens were all content to stay indoors until the wind died down. Then they were on the screen porch for a while this afternoon, enjoying the sunshine, and getting their Vitamin C.

I spent some time looking for a mid size station wagon, or little truck online, and I was cooking some whole new potatoes, forgot about them, overcooked them, and they were starting to fall apart. So I made some into an oyster stew. I sauteed some celery, onion, and as I had a couple of crookneck squash that I wanted to get out of the way, I peeled and sliced them, and threw them in too. I simmered them in some chicken bouillon, then added milk, Wondra Flour, and some cubed potato. Got my immersion blender going in the pot, and made a bisque, added the oysters, and voila' I had dinner. I don't cook the same as I did when Johnnie was alive.

I had bought a big bag of new potatoes on sale, or I wouldn't be bothering with all these potatoes. I also read somewhere that potatoes are not a carbohydrate that sticks to you like pasta, bread and rice do. I had wanted to make some potato salad, but I am not crazy about potato salad made with smashed potatoes. I like to cube them, after they are cooked, with my little potato 'cuber', above. Just push the cooked potato through, and cut it off with a knife, on the backside, as it comes through. I did remember to look after the hard boiled eggs ! So as I still had more new potatoes I cooked some more, but I never made the pototo salad.

Tomorrow is another day.

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