Sunday, March 30, 2008

Arch's Flood. TV Space in Class B.

Tank top and shorts weather again.

Whatever AOL's Live Help told me to do, worked.

Something to do with compressed graphics.

So here are some of the pictures of Arch's (gcbr) recent flood.

The first one is of The Lady and Toad moved to higher ground.

The second picture is of his RVport. The third is a nearby road.

Jay and I worked for about four hours on the entertainment center, getting the sides and back of the TV enclosure part measured and cut. The angles, again, are very complex, because of the shape of the roof. These parts need to be polyurathaned before they are installed. I had the camera
out there, but I didn't take any pictures, as our progress
doesn't really show.

We had to come back and work in the workshop every time a downpour went by.

Mostly a sunny and warm, humid day.

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Anonymous said...

Penny, we got your showers this afternoon. Sherri was a little worried that she would get blown away but the RV stood its ground.