Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh Gee, Spring Break & St.Patrick's Day

Tank top weather again. Jay called and said that he had a phone interview, and would call me when I could pick him up. He had to spend about 3 hours on the phone, and so we never did get any work done today.

Here is a picture of the dash and console in the Little Van, all put together after being re-finished.

Tomorrow Jay and his mother have to go somewhere, but Ray should be here, and maybe we can get the rear oak parts of the Little Van done, and the rest of the cabinet for the Class B.

Today is really St. Patricks Day, and it is also Spring Break around here. I took Jay to get his driver's license re-instated, and there were long lines there, and at Wal-Mart. Unusual for a Monday, and I commented on that to the checker at Wal-Mart, and that is when she told me it is Spring Break. Jay didn't get his license, he has to take the tests all over again. I need another licensed driver around here, as there are two more little rigs that need to be picked up, to be worked on. I get tired of going by bus to get them. I live too far from the airport to fly, as these are in TX.
The "Dog About Town" is just for fun, he is supposed to be a canine Sherlock Holmes.

The other picture "God Spilled the Paint", is to celebrate this lovely Spring day.

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Anonymous said...

Penny you have sooooo much energy! How in the world do you keep all this going.