Sunday, March 16, 2008

Starting to Get TV Installed. Bobcats !

A great tank top day, nice weather, I think maybe Spring is really here. I wish it would stay around here longer, as it will be full blown hot before long.

I picked up Jay at 8.30, and we went to work on the Class B entertainment center.

We knew that we had to raise the TV a bit so that the remote could see it's "eye", especially from the couch. It also seemed that it would be better if the TV was turned at an angle, in such a narrow RV. That funny shaped box is what we made for sitting the TV in and on. We covered it with some of the fabric left over from the base of the original bed, to stop chafing and squeaking. As we were putting the TV at an angle, it meant that we had to build an oak panel wall to close the gap between the TV and the front of the cabinet. We made it the depth of the cabinet, so that things in the adjacent cupboard wouldn't get lost behind the TV. This took a bunch of dry fitting, because of the curves up on the roof on the Class B, see above. Now we have it all ready for sanding and finishing.

I came across a picture of a real bobcat, and this is how it compares to my "Bobcat". I hope my Bobbie never looks at me like that !

The poodles were picked up, and a cat named Emma came to be boarded. She was very leery at first, and wouldn't come out of her carrier in the grooming room. She has the whole room to herself. The foster kittens and Bobcat are sunning themselves on the screen porch. I knew the kittens were back when they knocked a plant over on the porch.

Emma found a hiding place in the grooming room, so I guess we will be playing hide-n-seek for the rest of the day.

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