Friday, March 7, 2008

Too Cold to Work Outside. Snowed Here !!

It started out cold, and when I picked Jay up, we went down by the lake, and it was snowing ! I couldn't believe it. The minute the snow touched anything, it melted, and at first I thought that it must be something else, but it was a light snow. It didn't really get much warmer when the sun came out, because of the north wind. It is supposed to freeze tonight. This is weird in March, for this area. Where is this global warming ?

We often take food scraps to the lake, for the ducks and seagulls. What they don't eat, the catfish will. No sense in putting scraps down the disposal, when another of God's creatures can use it. 100 miles inland, and we still have seagulls on the lake. They must have spotters way up in the sky, because as soon as you start throwing food at the ducks, seagulls will come swooping in from all over the lake. We have even seen nutria, and other similar animals on the little island, across from the boat ramp.

This is what Wikipedia says about Lake Conroe :
""Lake Conroe is a 21,000 acre (85 km²) lake in Conroe, Texas, United States. The lake lies on the West Fork of the San Jacinto River just west of Interstate 45 off of State Highway 105 in Montgomery and Walker counties. The lake runs through classic East Texas Piney Woods forests."" I live a couple of miles north of the middle bridge on the east side of the lake.

It was too chilly to work in the work shop. We were just hoping that it warm up enough to go work on the attic staircase. I have a special "working pad" that we can use on my dining room table, so we glued the door fronts up on that. The telescoping aluminum attic staircase that I bought yesterday at Lowe's, looked a little like overkill, and also complicated. So we went back to Conroe, and got a regular wooden one from Home Depot, for the same price as sending off for a new arm/bracket costs. Isn't that the way it usually is ? We also got some oak trim, that we will have to cut to the size we need, on the table saw. It goes on the cabinet fronts, too.

Jay wasn't feeling too well. He had just found out that he has to pay double the amount each month to get his driver's license back. Gee, that drinking is too expensive.

So we called it quits for today.

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Sandra said...

That's amazing Penny. Snow! My sister said that the snow they're getting in Ottawa this weekend is coming from Texas. Go figure!