Sunday, March 23, 2008

Water heater. Shampooed Van Seats and Carpet.

Lovely day, and got some work done. A neighbor's electric water heater was so clogged up with calcium that it hardly held any hot water. They just hadn't drained it every now and then to let all the limey stuff out. So her neighbor hired a "plumber" to install a new one. They did a terrible job, and there was a little hissing leak that flooded her bathroom. On top of that, they had turned the power on before letting any water into the water heater, and shorted out the new element ! They had got their money, and still no hot water. So it was Jay and I to the rescue.

We fixed the little water leak. Lowe's wasn't going to be open until 10.00 am, as it is a holiday, so Jay and I installed the rest of the oak in the Little Van. Once we got back from Conroe with the element, I took my water heater wrench down there, and we installed it. Now she has lots of hot water, but they had installed it with clear plastic pipe, so that will have to changed. "Plumbers" , my eye !!

This is Bobcat's carriage that zips open on each end, see mesh flaps down, and here is a picture of her looking out of her window, which also zips down.

Then Jay and I vacuumed and shampooed all the seats and carpet in the Little Van, and all the floor mats. I am official spot remover, and crawling around on my hands and knees with a spray bottle of diluted Super Clean and a scrub brush, doesn't do my old back much good.

So that was my Easter Sunday.

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