Friday, March 14, 2008

Clever People Making an Income on the Road.

The guys are at Cleveland again today, so I am waiting for my boarders, and a dog to show up for grooming.

I love artistic people, and these folk make lovely items for sale. The first two, and the fourth picture, are of lovely beaded designs that Judy of made, and she makes lovely trees made out of different colors of wire that must take ages to build.
I love hummingbirds, doesn't every one ? The third picture is Howard's (, real Rufous Hummingbird on one of the feeders that they sell. Then here is his wife, Linda's lovely beaded bracelet of hummingbirds, among many other designs, that she sells. The other two are some of the beaded ornaments that Sandy of makes. So it isn't that difficult to find something that you like to do, and make it into an extra income, while on the road.

As I shall be busy with my boarders, and grooming, I put some veges, pot roast, and onion soup mix in the crock pot, and it is going to cook all day.


Anonymous said...

Penny, I am learning to cook in a crock pot. I have many recipes that I am going to follow. I want to be able to do something besides wax the trailer every day.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Speedy, I usually use my little pressure cooker for cooking meat. I like it so tender that you can cut it with a fork. This came out alright, except that I had one new potato, and one regular, so the new one didn't cook all the way, as they take longer. Maybe I should have left the crock pot on 'high' for longer, or cut the new potato up smaller. The baby carrots, onion, squash, and celery that I had dumped in there, all came out fine.
My crock pot only gets used for cooking beans, so this was a first for me. My daughter can make marvellous roasts in one.
You are not supposed to be waxing your trailer every day, you are supposed to be seeing the sights, and goin' fishin' ! Penny