Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bobcat's Carriage. Line of Red Rocks.

Started out cold, and then got really lovely today. First thing, I looked at a station wagon that is for sale, but it just wasn't right for me.
After lunch, I went to get a "baby carriage" for Bobcat. I had been in touch with the owner about it for some time, and finally had the time to drive out there. Bobcat broke her arm about 10 years ago, and when the vet x-rayed her, it was found that she also has a BB shot in her shoulder. That might be why she found me in the first place, someone was mean to her. She always walks with a limp, especially in cold weather. If, and when, I ever get back to RVing I like to walk around places, and Bobcat is getting slow on her harness and leash. Now she can ride in her carriage, that can be used as a backpack without the handle and wheels.

Geology, and how the terrains are made has always fascinated me. I had taped that whole series "Making of a Continent" when it was on Discovery Channel, but lost them in the flood. When I was looking through some of the National and State Parks, I saw that the red rocks are very widespread all in a line down the USA. That must have been some upheaval many, many years ago. There are all the beautiful ones in UT that Howard of shows us while they are camphosting at Moab. Then there are the ones in CO, (Balanced Rock, Colorado Springs) NV, (Mead Rd) AZ, (Grand Canyon), NM (Chaco) and all the way to the Rio Grande in Big Bend Park in TX. (Chisos Window) Then I found out that there are more in Serbia and Costa Rica. I have seen some of these while traveling, but I would like to see more. Do they have red rocks on the other, east, side of the Mississippi ? I have only been as far east as Natchez.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday.

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Dee & Jim said...

I haven't been in the upper northern part of the East coast, but as far as Eastern US, no there is nothing with the red rocks like you see out west. It's quite a different terrain. Great pictures! I'm anxious to visit out west. Here in NC there's nothing but trees.