Friday, March 21, 2008

Where Did All These People Come From?

Jay and Ray weren't here today. Ray went to help Shay with the other pressure washing job, as she had another cleaning job to do at the same RV Park. So that left me to my own devices... or vices.

I tried to get caught up on some of the "First of The Month" jobs. Note, I am three weeks behind! I started the two genny's that are here. I cleaned and renewed the filters in the two air cleaners that are in the house. I vacuumed the ceiling fans. I left airing up all the tires on the vehicles for when one of the guys are here. The 1-ton B+ has to have the wheel covers removed, by taking off two of the lug nuts, to get to the inside dual, and I didn't have time, or inclination, to do that. The valve stem extenders were a nuisance, so I took them off. I checked the oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, radiators on the three vehicles that are here. I didn't check the tranny's, as I would have had to start them up, and I didn't have my fanny pack on with the ignition keys. I just keep door keys hanging on the rack in the workshop.

This morning I bathed the two foster kitties again, with some medicated shampoo. Some thoughtless person had brought a dog with ringworm into Petco while we were having Adoption Day. A grown cat or dog, in good health, won't be affected. But kittens and puppies can. We had checked the kittens under a black light, and they didn't have any of the spores, but we have given them medicated baths every two weeks, just to be safe. It has a 45 day incubation period, which is now over.

One of my kittens, above, is going to meet some prospective adoptive parents on Saturday. They are going to choose between her and another "Tuxedo" kitten. So I drove her into Conroe today to meet Kenya, my SPCA boss, so that she could take the kitten there, tomorrow.
I left about 3.00 pm. I live 2 miles from the freeway, and southbound I-45 was like a parking lot. So I cut across at Willis, and tried to go south to Conroe on Hiway 75. That wasn't any good either, as most of the other locals had the same thought. Where were all these people going ? Where did they all come from ? I know it is Easter, and Spring Break, but we don't usually see it that bad, even for Thanksgiving, when everybody is going to Grandma's house ! I didn't get there until nearly 4.00 pm. A 10 mile drive took nearly an hour. Thank goodness my kitties are used to traveling. It was just a little bit better getting home.

That's about it for today.

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Anonymous said...

I told my son in law to take a look at your journal. He has a class c motor home that he got and it is in need of repair. I hope that reading your journal will get him enthused to do some work...HA!