Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arch's "Lady", Toad, and Victorian House.

Some of you have met "Arch" (Gcbr) on the RV-Dreams Chat room. I have known him for over two years from our old RV chatroom. We watched the daily progress, in pictures, of the meticulous prep work, and finally the painting of The Lady, lovely vintage GMC MH, and the Toad. The Lady and Toad are done in pearl white and royal blue. Gorgeous, I would love to see them in person.

Arch has a Victorian house in IL. It was moved there, many years ago. After The Lady and her Toad were done, he did some more work on the inside of this lovely house. Then he bought, and refinished, some antique furniture, and a huge fireplace for it. He has photo albums of all the things that he has done to The Lady, the Toad, the house, and the furniture.

I can see, now that I look at the albums again, what he meant when he said last night in the chatroom, that he "made a hill" for his house to sit on !! I am sure that if you are interested, Arch will send you links to the albums of all that he had done. He is, and rightly so, very proud of his accomplishments.

Shay and I spent the morning deep cleaning my screen porch and grooming room. It doesn't smell of puppies any more !! The kittens had done a such number on the porch, knocking plants over, and scattering litter, that we had to use a shop vac in there.

Bobcat is very happy to have "her" screen porch, mopped and smelling of bleach, all to herself again. The kittens will be on display at another Petco in The Woodlands, TX next Saturday. Maybe they will get some approved applications on them, and go to their forever homes soon.

It started out cold, in the 30's, but it is now a lovely 60 deg. sunny day.

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