Thursday, March 13, 2008

Putting Humpty Back Together Again

I picked up Jay at 8.00 am, as they weren't working at Cleveland today. Here are all the parts for the Little Van laid out on tables in the workshop, most of them ready to re-install. It was like a puzzle doing the dash, but I didn't take a picture, yet, as we have a couple more pieces to install with some bolts and acorn nuts.
We got the dash, driver, passenger and two side door's oak installed. Some of the back door "furniture" isn't ready yet. Then I drove it to Conroe to return and buy some things. I couldn't get the power seat to go up high enough, so I am not comfortable driving it. So I sat on a pillow, but it drives great.

One thing that I returned was the Havahart Trap that I bought to catch "Tom Gray", the straggly cat that has been "living" here for the last couple of months. Shay and I knew that if we caught him, we wouldn't have the heart to just turn him over to the 'dog catcher'. He would be shoved into one of those open air metal cages on the pound truck, and then be looped by the neck, and dragged into goodness only knows where, before they put him to sleep. He would be so scared. He is comfortable here, and feels secure. We are going to let him live out his numbered days right here.

I am boarding two neighbor's dogs, while they are out of town until tomorrow, and they stay in the house with Bobcat and me. One is my late DH's poodle. Then the 5 poodles that I board for a stewardess, sorry, flight attendant, will be here for the next three days, in the grooming room.

Tom Gray let Shay and me pet his head, so this is a special day.

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