Monday, March 3, 2008

Putting the doors together. Pups and Kits leave to get fixed.

It started out being warm, and got colder, then thunderstoms, so we all worked in the workshop this morning.

Ray polyed the oak for the Little Van. Jay and I put the cabinet door frames together with dowels, and glue, then we set them up in my picture framing racks to dry over night. I wish I could take better pictures indoors !!

Today I take both kittens, see above, and the four pups, on the first leg of their journey to Spring, TX to be spayed and neutered tomorrow. The pups won't be back, but I will probably foster the kittens until they get their forever homes.

Now it is 5.00pm, and the forecast was 46 deg for 5.00pm, and it is just about that on my porch. Supposed to go down to 33 tonight. What is with this weather ?

I had to put on warmer clothes to take the kits and pups, and warm the car up for them, as it was windy and chilly. The pups were very quiet in the car, even being in carriers was new for them. The kittens have been to Adoption Day several times, so they are used to it.

When I got back, I attacked the grooming room. Bobcat strutted up to the grooming room door and peeked in, and couldn't believe it. I got the puppy pen folded up, and their big wooden bed out of there, to be bleached and put up. I mopped the linoleum pad for the puppy pen with disinfectant, and started to get things back in order. I am laundering all the kits and pups beds and blankies in the washing machine right now.

It will be strange just having just Bobcat and me for about a week, while the kittens are getting over their surgery. I hope there aren't any other animals that need to be rescued for a while.

Ray and Jay will be working in Cleveland, TX for the next few days, so I will have to see what I can get into !!

So that is the end of my puppy days !

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