Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Went Up to 68 deg.Today. My Old TranStar.

The guys are working in Cleveland, TX again today. So I have been getting caught up on things around here. I have done a 'photo search' on my computer, and deleted any that I don't need anymore, and put the rest in files in AOL's Picture Storage to get them out of my computer. Then I disk cleaned it and defragged it, so that it will run faster. I am computer illiterate, but having learned on some really old computers with hardly any RAM, I learned how to keep them going. One was used to keep track of the animals going in and out of the ark !! Once, on a chat, someone asked me if Noah gave it to me personally !

This is my old Class B+, which it is debated as to whether that is really a class of MHs. A Class B is really a van with a high top, a Class C is wider, but has the overhead bed sticking over the windshield. Mine has a van front, wide body, rear duals, and no cabover bed. I have had it for about 12 years, and bigger MHs have come and gone, but this is old faithful. On the back, on each side of the door are storage areas that open from the outside. They house the spare, jack, ball mount. I can keep just about anything that I don't want under my feet in the rig. I have sewer hoses, battery charger, cube heater, water hoses, etc. all hanging up, as there is pegboard on the back walls. It has a 4KW Onan, which partially powered three dwellings for three days and three nights during the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, "The Forgotten Hurricane", as it happened right in Katrina's wake.

We made a new countertop for it, see above. The kitchen was too small, like most B's, so we took out the three burner stove and put in a two burner. I use my crockpot, or pressure cooker most of the time, anyway. As it had no oven, I took out the microwave and installed a microwave/convection. It is more fun cooking outside, weather permitting. I don't mind that it has only one sink, as I have dishpans that I wash, and rinse dishes in, and I have a tray and dish drainer that go over the stove. My little coffee maker fits behind the stove, and I just move it forward to use it.

Last year one of the windows over the dinette/bed developed a leak. It was my fault, I had not gone by the Golden RV Rule: REMOVE AND RE-INSTALL ALL WINDOWS AND VENTS ABOUT EVERY 10-12 YEARS. We removed the sliding windows, and I got new track from Interstate Metals, and we re-installed the windows with BUTYL putty tape. It had water stained some of the paneling under the window, so we wallpapered the whole living room, and it lightened the whole place up. It is also advisable to get a paperclip and clean out the little bottom outside "weep holes" on all the windows, too, so that they will drain.

The overhead cabinets were made of fiberboard, and one of those stupid "trolly top" windows had started a leak, too. We removed and resealed that, and it stopped leaking, but it had hurt the cabinets on one side. We completely rebuilt the cabinets, on both sides, but with cedar this time. Once it is sanded and polyed, it looks really rich. We were able to use the original doors.

To make more room in the toilet area, it has a split bathroom, we took out the flush toilet that was installed at an angle. We were able to put a lightweight chest of drawers, and a plastic stack storage set, and some racks, and really made a place to keep more stuff. There was still room in front of that for a portable toilet. I hate fooling with sewer hoses, anyway. I would rather tote the bottom of the porta potti to any toilet, and empty it there.

It has a couch that flips over to a comfy double bed, and the water tank and generator are under there, but there is still a drop down door where there is enough room to carry canned goods, and heavy stuff, which should be carried at floor level.

My late DH was too sick to drive on our last few trips, and everytime I walk in that back door, I can see his head in the passenger seat. I had to take my late little best doggie buddy, on his last ride in the TranStar too, and I can still see him in his little bed on the couch. It gives me the willies ! That is why I don't go anywhere in it, and why I am always looking for one to replace it. It is still packed down, and ready to roll, but I don't go anywhere in it.

For Bobcat, this has been a nice screen porch day.

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