Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Scenes in New Mexico. Dirty Digits

Another sunny day, that starts out chilly, and cloudy,
and has one shedding clothes as it warms up.

I tried to upload friend Arch's (gcbr) pictures of
his flood, but Blogger wouldn't accept them as
they are not jpg or something.
So here are some of New Mexico

The kittens have really been messing
with my plants on the screen porch.
They knocked down an airplane
(spider) plant and broke the pot,
so I had to repot it.
Then I found some plants that
were getting root bound, so I repotted
Some of my aloe vera on the porch had had
bunches of babies so I repotted them too.
Of course I got potting soil under my
fingernails, and all over the porch floor.
Good thing that I have a sink out there.

So this was my dirty digits day.

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