Saturday, March 29, 2008

Showing the TransStar. Chat Pictures

It has been warmer, and maybe it is going to stay that way.
This is a picture of Phyllis' patio at her place in the Foothills, Yuma, AZ.
Jay and Ray and I were working today. Yesterday, somehow something had got tracked all over my carpet, I had sprayed it with stain remover. So first thing Jay got out the carpet shampooer. I needed to clean my computer area while we had the shampooer going, so I unplugged everything and moved it all, including the adjacent filing cabinets. I hoped that I could get it all hooked back up right, and as you can see, I did. Wonders never cease !

Ray washed the Class B, as I wanted it clean when the lady came to look at the TransStar.

I keep the TransStar packed down, and ready to roll, so I quickly got some extra stuff out of it, like the blanket with tigers on it, that I keep on the couch to keep it clean, etc. I drove it into the RVport last night and plugged it in. As I was going to turn on the fridge, the RVport is more level than the other hook up on the other side of the house. I had the AC on, when I knew she was on her way, and she loved the rig. I unplugged it and showed her that the 4KW Onan would run the AC, too. She drove it around for a while, and liked the way it drives, (who wouldn't), but I knew that she was really looking for a van-width Class B, and this is wider with duals. She was worried about the width, as she has a very narrow driveway. I showed her the Class B that we are working on, and she really liked it. Especially as it has generator, solar panels, and power locks and windows. So I think that she be back in touch about it. As soon as we get the entertainment center finished in it, I will send her some pictures. She does acting at the Renaissance Festival at Plantersville, TX, (Oct, Nov) and needs somewhere to change into her costumes. Her husband has cancer, and she wants a small RV to take him fishing.

As this is the 5th Saturday of the month, there was no Adoption Day today, but Kenya still had Boots, so I met her in town, and now Boots is enjoying herself on my screen porch with her kitty friend, Minkie.

This is a picture of Speedhitch, and Mrs. Speed, with the Twin Towers.
The other picture is one Phyllis sent me years ago.

So that was another day.

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