Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunny Rain. Classic American Clipper.

It is really warming up around here, and the sun is shining,
even when it is raining. There must be a rainbow somewhere.
Now the trick is to find the pot that is at the end of it !!

I went to look at a fiberglass Class C today. I am a sucker for
fiberglass, especially when the one piece roof comes over the sides like a cap, as there is less tendancy for leaks. Now I think that Class C's are ugly with that bed hanging over the windshield like a bump on a log, but this one was a classic American Clipper, and the price was right. They have their own club, forum and quite a following. This is a picture of an American Clipper Parade. The one I looked at had not been taken care of by it's previous owner. The couple that had it now had only had it a month. Their car broke down in CO on the way from WA to Houston. They had never had an RV before. They had no idea how to start the genny, fridge, AC, etc., and were living in a motel till he could find work. They wanted to sell it to buy a car or truck. But when the dash AC didn't work, and the walls needed attention, and I couldn't start the genny as there was no back battery, and no "momentary" button, I passed on it. It is a shame that someone would let a classic get in that shape. It was just raggedy. I was looking forward to having more space than in a Class B, just in case I got to be a "sunbird".

I did buy another TV though. The new one we put in the Class B was in use in the grooming room, so I bought a 110v. TV at a thrift shop. I already have my coupons from the Feds for a converter box for the RV.

So it wasn't a wasted day.

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