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What Are You Worth? Why Were You Born? When Nitrites Go Bad, Like Hot Dog Consumption!


What Are You Worth?

A young man looking out over a lake. “The value we place on ourselves is often reflected in the things we do. 

Be sure to evaluate the price of your goals and count the costs before it's too late.  

They say everyone has a price. In other words, people believe that if offered enough money we will even sell our "souls." It is doubtful that anyone knows what that saying means—but it is clear that people will often not hesitate to do almost anything to achieve a goal.

The value we place on ourselves will always be reflected back to us one day. We will live to enjoy our good decisions and to rue our bad ones. When we are able to wisely assess our actions and make good choices, the benefits are enormous. The Bible tells about Judas Iscariot who arranged to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver (Matthew 27:3-5). The money was attractive to Judas, but it was himself that he sold for the silver. He put a value on himself for an act of the betrayal of One who trusted him. That act made him hang himself once he realized that thirty pieces of silver was all he was worth.

Be sure to evaluate the price of your goals and count the costs before it's too late.


Why Were You Born?

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“What is your destiny? Why do you exist? Is there a reason, a purpose, for human life? These questions have baffled the greatest thinkers and philosophers down through the ages.

The Question of the Ages

What is your destiny? Why do you exist? Why were you born? Is there a reason, a purpose, for human life?

The Spirit in Man

The spirit in man imparts human intellect to our physical brains. It is what makes people vastly more intelligent than animals.

Destination and Course Correction: Planned From the Outset

Through Jesus Christ's sacrifice, human beings can be reconciled to God, and God's forgiveness of their sin will remove the death penalty.

God's Own Literal Children

That family relationship of becoming children of God the Father is the heart and core of God's incredible plan for humanity!

The God Family

The human family was meant as a lesser model or type of this greater spiritual reality, that God is a family.

Adoption or Sonship?

Scripture makes clear that God actually begets us spiritually in His own image, with the intention that we ultimately become the same kind of beings He and Jesus Christ now are.

Early Theologians on Becoming Divine

While the biblical concept of deification or divinization, exaltation to godhood, is commonly ignored or dismissed in modern Christian teaching, this doctrine was well established among early theologians of mainstream tradition.

Life in God's Family

Never underestimate the value of your life. You were born to become one of God's divine children. You were born to receive His very nature and character and, eventually, eternal life on His level of existence.

The Likeness of God

When fully in God's likeness, we will be able to fulfill our awesome responsibility of exercising dominion over, of assisting Him in managing, the vastness of His creation.


When Nitrites Go Bad, Like Hot Dog Consumption

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“Nitrites in processed meat form nitrosamines, a class of potent carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, which may explain why hot dog consumption has been associated with the two leading pediatric cancers, brain tumors and childhood leukemia.

Our story begins on a Norwegian fur farm in 1957. Mink were dropping dead left and right from a malignant new liver disease. The clue came when livestock starting dying from liver cancer as well. What tied all the cases together was the use of fish meal in their diets—fish meal that the country had just started preserving with sodium nitrite.

Subsequent research discovered nitrite, under certain circumstances, can form nitrosamines, which directly attack DNA, and are universally condemned as one of the key carcinogens in cigarette smoke. The occurrence in food was raised as a matter of gravest concern nearly a half century ago. Now, we know the nitrites added to processed meats can form these carcinogenic nitrosamines—now recognized as among the most potent chemical carcinogens.

For example, pregnant women who eat hot dogs risk having children with brain tumors—the #2 pediatric cancers. Then, children, who eat lots of hot dogs, have nearly ten times the odds of developing childhood leukemia—the #1 pediatric cancer.

Last year, in Meat Science, an article about the role of ham in a healthy diet breathed a sigh of relief: “[A]spects relating to health and wellbeing are increasingly important factors in consumer decisions, although the great palatability of ham largely outweighs such considerations.”

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