Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Work. Making Cabinet for Mirage.

It is a lovely day, and Ray, Jay and I worked on the Mirage, while Bobbiecat snoozed on her porch.

Jay and I did a bunch figuring as to what would go where, measured, then found a piece of nice luann that had come out of the overhead bed in the Class B. Cut into three it will
make nice sides for the cabinet we are building. We cut the frame work out of some fir we had picked up, that was going to be throw away at Lowes the other day. Fir is lighter than pine, and I like to use it for framing in RVs.

That is "Pugsy", my vintage (old)1968 Venture fiberglass Class A in the background. It was parked there as that was supposed to be the next one to work on, but with the cold weather, no-one got enthusiatic about it!! Let's face it, as it's age, it can't depreciate anymore! It runs great, but does need a couple of mechanical things done to it, and a good cleaning.

Jay just went around the Mirage, painting and fixing places where the PO had used the wrong color paint.

If I can't get the Mirage ready in time for the GTG, I guess I will borrow this one!

Went to get a few things from Convenience RV, and called it a day.

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