Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Warm Day. Preps For Trip. State Parks.

Well, it was warm and muggy went I went to town to get insurance on the new-to-me RV, I almost had to turn on the dash air! Later it rained and that made it feel better.

The RV is just a little thing, but it will do for what I have in mind, for now.

I know it doesn't have a stove, shower, water heater, furnace or generator, yet. But it does have power steering, working roof and dash AC, fridge, sink with a hand pump faucet, dinette and bed. I have had Toyota Chinooks with less in them. It is just a basic camper for right now, but will I fix it, and add some stuff to make it work for me. And it has a rear door, which I prefer. I hardly ever go anywhere anyway!!

I will be spending a couple of days and nights in it, driving it home, so I have had to pack tools, blankets, pillow, hot pot, instant coffee, tiny electric saucepan, and electric heater, (it's going to be 38 deg. my first night out). I am planning on staying at Lake Catherine State Park, AR, with water and elec. the first night, 12 miles from the bus station. http://www.arkansasstateparks.com/lakecatherine/ It will be too late to start out home, as it will be starting to get dark by the time I get there. As I don't want to drive to the Park in the dark, there will be no restaurant eating that night. So I had to pack some cans for dinner. I was at Lake Catherine State Park thirty years ago, and really loved it. There are weeping willows around the lake, and it was gorgeous at sunset. I can still remember it.

Then 167 miles to Caddo Lake State Park near Marshall, TX, for the second night, as I don't want to try to make it all the way back in one long swoop of 400 miles plus meal/pottie stops. http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/caddo_lake/ I would like to do some exploring in both parks while I am there. There are hiking trails at both parks, so I packed my comfy shoes. I want to make it into a slow and easy camping trip.
It's not the destination, but the journey.

I have been packing, and repacking all day. Stuff to go in the basement of the bus, and bags to go on the bus, mustn't go over certain dimensions or weights. I had to go to some thrift shops this morning to buy some big bags for the trip. I sold a big duffel bag at my last yard sale, not knowing that I could ever use it.

I am leaving Thursday morning, and will be all day on buses. Bus station food is notoriously bad, so I will pack some nuts, healthy sandwiches and good snacks, for the trip. Just buy drinks at the stops, unless they have something really nummy to eat that isn't fried.

My neighbor will feed Bobcat and the foster cat, Snack.

Another preparation day

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