Friday, February 27, 2009

Just more Work on the Mirage.Puddle Jumper Home!!

Another great day, and Ray started early. He is still cleaning the Mirage, but we have some black streaks that we haven't managed to remove, yet. He re-installed the front clearance lights, and the middle one on the back, all with little bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts. It looks orange, but it is red, and I couldn't find one like the others.
He also painted the door holder with Rustoleum Hammered Black paint, as it was rusty. I would have bought a new one, but as the old one was riveted on so well, and didn't show on the inside of the door, we didn't want to disturb it. The other part of it was missing, but we took the one off the TranStar, as it needs a different type of door holder anyway.

Jay was making the little cabinet, and I was called backwards and forwards to help between Ray and Jay, till I thought my little legs would wear down.

We got the table cut for the dinette, now have to finish it, Formica it, add a cone table holder, and buy the right length pole.

Jim, the mechanic, finally has my little Puddle Jumper wagon fixed. Hooray!
I have had to run the AC, as it was warm and humid last night and today, so when I stripped my bed, I took the electric mattress pad off. I think winter is over, even though it will be colder for the next couple of days, in the low 60's. The weather at Escapees, (SKP's) in Livingston showed 69% humidity. My barometer showed 60% here.

A tiring day.

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