Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping and Researching All Day.

A lovely sunny, warm tank-top day, today. Bobcat was out on her porch early, and I even left her there while I went into town.

Ray came over, he knew what he had to do to the Mirage, and to keep an eye on Bobcat in case the weather got hot. Snack just stays under my bed in the mornings, then climbs on my knee when I am on the computer, in the afternoons. I took Jay, as he needed to pick up a prescription in the next town.

We went to WalMart first, as I wanted to buy a toilet for the Mirage. Didn't see any clearance lights there that match what I have. I had seen a toilet at a WalMart in Arkansas that I liked, but they didn't have the same one here, but I got one anyway. I had made up my mind that I didn't want to have to carry the bottom of a Porta Potti to a toilet or dump. I would rather have one with the Bio-Gel waste bags, that can be put in a dumpster.

Then to Lowes to get more electrical bits and pieces for the Mirage. We picked up Jay's prescription and tobacco, then went all the way south of town to the RV store. I couldn't find the kind of clearance lights I wanted there, except one, so I just about came away empty handed, after going all that way.

We did stop at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop on the way home, and I bought another shredder, bigger, better, and cheaper than the last one I bought, a little plastic tool box for the Mirage, and a blue pet dish.

When I got home I researched the sites that sell Bio-Gel, the shipping is outrageous if you don't watch what you are doing. Bass Pro Shop had the best rates. I researched the various types of heaters, portable power and small digital TV's too, but haven't bought any yet. I want to make sure that I have a TV for the next power outage, and to use in an RV, too.

You just get pictures of dogs with balls, today.

PS: I hope you did your clicks, today: This is from the Animal Rescue site:

These stories are real-life examples of how your actions at The Animal Rescue Site and store are helping our Charitable Partners rescue animals in need. We hope you enjoy learning more about how you and The Fund for Animals , the North Shore Animal League , and the Petfinder.com Foundation are working to make the world a better place.
The Fund for Animals: Rounder was born in a backyard rabbitry, one of the thousands across the country that supply local pet shops. These facilities rival the conditions seen in puppy mills, but because they are smaller and scattered, and because rabbits suffer in silence, they operate with impunity. At six weeks of age, Rounder and his siblings were taken to a small pet shop. Rounder was to fulfill the role of a "live toy" for a small child.
Soon, he was left lonely and forgotten. After what seemed a very long time at the child's house, Rounder was once again transported. This time his cage was placed in an open-ended shed. Rounder's new owner opened his cage door and walked away.
Rounder hopped out through the shed doorway and began grazing. For the first time he felt the power in his muscles, the speed of his legs, and the wind blowing his long, floppy ears straight over his back. He would hole up and wait for the other rabbits. Surely there would be other rabbits. But by the third night, no rabbits had appeared.
Rounder heard a rustling in the leaves, very close. Startled out of his hiding place, he began racing for all he was worth. He felt a dog's hot breath on his back. Suddenly he was wrenched out of mid-flight into the jaws of the dog. A woman's panicked voice called out, "No! Lady! No!" Lady had caught Rounder as he leaped through the fence.
At the Rabbit Sanctuary, a physical found that Rounder had sustained a grievous injury to his back. He never fully healed, and will always be a special-needs bunny as a result of his ordeal. He now has a beautiful companion named Skippers and a territory all his own. Rounder won't be bought, traded, or chased ever again.
To learn more about Rounder, and about other animals you are helping, please visit The Fund for Animals .
Feed & Care for a Rescued Horse
Help Rescued Bunnies Like Rounder
North Shore Animal League

Gracie, a young pit bull, was maliciously thrown from a four-story rooftop in Brooklyn, NY. Miraculously, Gracie survived with only a broken leg and bruises to her chest. When her various wounds had finally healed, the D.A. concluded their animal cruelty investigation, and Gracie's owner was arrested.
After all of the trauma she had been through, Gracie still came to us with her tail wagging and full of trust. The League worked tirelessly to find Gracie the loving home she deserved; and to our delight, Gracie was adopted. Gracie has a new family now. She has a new mom, dad, and sister. After seeing them all together, excited and happy, we can only surmise that it must have been fate that saved Gracie from that four-story fall.

Please help the people with Breast Cancer, The Rainforest, Literacy, Hunger, etc. IT IS FREE!!

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