Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Susie Arrives, Then Leaves

It was chilly at first, but the sun soon warmed it up. Here are some rare "worldly" animals!

Ray and I rushed to get the cage that Orange Glow had used, out of my middle room, sanitized it, but it was still a bit wet when Linda arrived with the little "thrown-out-of-truck" Chihuahua, Susie, with the mange. Linda had a letter from the vet saying that it wasn't contagious, but I am not going to let her around MaeMae until she has been seen by the SPCA vet. I got her all cozy in the middle room in the big cage with a nice doggie bed, food and water, and I will take her out in a different fenced area from MaeMae. I had called my SPCA boss, we discussed her care, and Susie is already booked to be spayed next week.

Orange Glow didn't really have enough room in the double-decker cat house, so they let him loose in their utility room, so he and Blackie must have made a pact about sharing "Blackie's Bedroom". Ray and I moved a dog igloo that was in my RVport into their utility room. Orange Glow used to curl up in it at night before his surgery. I have a square table that fits over it, so Ray can put stuff on it, and we also moved an old bookcase in there for the rest of his tools. We took the door off the cat house after it had been sanitized, and put it under the new table on my porch.

Snack meowed repeatedly to be let out of the dog room, and into the house, and so she is once again under my bed. But she does venture out, and now she wants to get on my lap and 'help' me write this, so she is feeling much better and more at home. Tonight I will give her her medicine, then she can be put back in her enormous dog carrier for the night. She eats better in there. I thought Snack would like to be on the porch, but she wasn't having any of that, and rushed back in to the house. She does eat dry cat food, I would prefer that she ate some good meaty canned food, but I haven't found one that she likes yet. I still have to give her some in the feeder syringe, as the pill that she has twice a day can get lodged in her esophagus, and cause a burning sensation, so it is important that she eats after taking it.

Jay's mother needed someone to go into town to pay her water bill, and as Jay was acting OK, I picked him up, and took MaeMae stay with her "Mom" for a while. I had to go get the parts for my Puddle Jumper that Jim, the mechanic had ordered, anyway. I went a bit farther south to Petsmart, bought some different brands of canned cat food for Snack to try, and some good canned food for Susie.

When we got back, Linda was waiting for me. She said she was missing the little dog and wanted to keep her, so I had to let her have Susie back. I gave her some good lamb dry dog food and told her not to give her treats or food with dye in it. This is very important for dogs with skin problems. Then I had to call my SPCA boss to cancel Susie's spaying appointment.
Linda thought that I was going to take care of the little dog for a couple of months, SPCA pay it's vet bills, get it all better with medicine, good non-allergenic food, and special baths, then she could have it back. I told her, "Sorry, it doesn't work that way". Now Ray and I will have to disinfect the cage all over again.

For those of my family, yes, this the third anniversary of my little doggie's trip to Rainbow Bridge.

So now there is just Bobcat, Snack, and me here today.

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