Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bit More Work & Clicks Do Make a Difference

It started out warm , and got warmer by the hour, but not hot.

Ray worked on the body of the Mirage, and Jay and I started to build the chest of drawers and the toilet area. But we had to jack up this side of the dinette first. It seemed to have dropped about 1/2 inch, and as we will be building against that side, it needed to be perpendicular. We got that done, but were tired of waiting for the mechanic to come to look at the wiring for the new light at the back. That panel with the speakers on it, is still across the doorway. Jay fixed the light over the kitchen counter, and we tried different things, but couldn't make the round light work on that panel. We even tried an extra ground, as some RV lights need that on fiberglass. Other lights we tried would work, but not the one we wanted to use. I couldn't count how many times I climbed up and down out of that RV. So the wires are wire nutted off, and I will look for another round light. I think it needs to be round to match the speakers, but I might have to compromise.

I had to buy more paint for Ray, also I had some things to get from Krogers, so I took off into town. I think I picked up all the bargains they had at Krogers, including some fresh oysters, and by the time I got home I was beat. I was supposed to go north to the other RV store, but never made it.

I wish the weather would stay like today.

PS: Here is Wilma who was helped by the Daily Clicks:

""On October 29, 2007 I found a lump on my left breast. Since this was the anniversary date of losing my grandmother to breast cancer, I became concerned. I had no insurance and could not afford a mammogram until someone told me that there were groups to help me. I went for my exam and the lump I found was a simple blood clot under the skin. There was a suspicious spot on the right breast, and I chose a lumpectomy. After my surgery I was told it was cancer. I went through thirty-three radiation treatments, and I have to take medicine for five years. I am forty-four years old and would encourage every woman to get their mammograms. Thank you for the support. ~Wilma ""

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