Monday, February 16, 2009

New Windows. Touch-Up Body Work.

Ray and I started about 9.00AM. There was a 20% chance of precipitation, the sun didn't shine much, but it didn't rain.

Here is a picture of where we took out the last messy window. As you can see they had black smeared all over the fiberglass around it, too. Ray cleaned up the area while Jay and I went into the next town to order the new tinted Plexiglas windows. I had the glass company cut them, using the old ones as templates. All those radius corners were expensive cuts, but there was no way that I was going to use the ratty old Plexiglas.

We haven't decided how we were going to install them yet, so we went to Lowes and bought a bunch of different nuts, bolts, washers, rubber washers, Plexiglas drill bit, and rivets. Rather than go back with a rubber trim ring, which had obviously failed when it atrophied, we are going to use Butyl putty tape and Dicor caulk.

Ray and I attached the grill with some body clips and screws that I had, as it was just wired on!

It had some damage down under the bumper which had rusted, so we ground it down, and applied Rust Converter. That has to sit for 24 hours.

Jay and his mother had to go back to town, so they picked up the windows.

So today was just a preparation day.

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