Monday, February 23, 2009

Took Some More Apart. Help!!

This morning it was chilly again, but Bobcat insisted that she wanted to be on her porch, even though it was only 40 deg. out there. I gave her the chance to come back in, several times, but she didn't want to. She was happy as soon as the sun came around to the front of the house.

Ray and I wore coats at first, but shed them about 11.00. Ray did a little more work on the body. Then we cleaned up the overhead bed area, and I brought a couple of camping mattress down from my attic, and we put them up there, temporarily. The piece of the overhead bed that comes out so that you can get between the front and back easily, needed a bit cut off it, to fit right, so we got that done.

We vacuumed out the two storage spaces under the dinette, and tried out the jack. It held up the motor home, so I guess it is a keeper. Tried the lug wrench, yes, it fit. I found a bin to keep the jack, all it's components, and a couple of little jack boards together, and wrapped them up in old dog towels to stop them from rattling. We fixed a broken strut on my little plastic folding picnic-table-with-benches. Folded it up, and put it in that same compartment with the jack, under one side of the dinette. Still plenty of room for more stuff. The other side has the coach battery, which we kept on disconnecting and reconnecting while we were checking the fan and lights. Over the counter, we installed a different light that I have had for years. You can't get them anymore, it has a 12v. socket in it that I use for charging my cell phone. But it didn't work right!

We took a ceiling panel down to get to the innards of little 12v. roof vent. The new fan blade didn't fit, so it goes back to the RV store. The little fan's spindle sure needed greasing, as it was squeaking, but a shot of De-Oxit fixed that. We also took down the back panel, hanging across the door right now, as per picture, as we wanted to add another light back there, and had to get to the wiring. As you cannot see in the pantry cupboard on one side, or the closet on the other, very well, a light will be a great improvement. That panel has two speakers mounted on it, which flash blue lights when the radio is on. What ever next!! Some folk's priorities amaze me, they spent a fortune on a fancy CD player radio, speakers with flashing lights, but didn't get fifth gear fixed !! I know I won't have that radio on at night!!
Even though Jim, the mechanic, doesn't mechanic any more, he is going to come up here and help us with all this 12v. wiring, so that we can concentrate on the outside.

It couldn't go to the transmission mechanic today.

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