Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Shopped, and Drilled More Holes

It was chilly this morning, so Bobcat couldn't go out on her porch until later.
It was 80 deg. out there, but it will turn chilly again.

Ray started early on some more sanding and painting on the fiberglass part of the Mirage, while Jay and I had to go into the next town to get some business done there. We went to Lowes to get more nuts, bolts and washers, and of course, they were out of the sizes we needed, so I had to stop at our local hardware store. But I did buy a piano hinge at Lowes, ready for a cabinet I am designing for the passenger side.

After lunch Jay and I drilled the holes in the other two pieces of Plexiglas, so it should be plain sailing tomorrow. Weather permitting, maybe we can get the other two windows in, and get it to the transmission shop on Monday. The fifth gear needs some attention.
That will give us Sunday to paint the metal parts.

Then Ray had to borrow my truck to get a sewer machine to use at a neighbor's house.

Some "lickin'" good pictures, to brighten your day.

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