Friday, February 6, 2009

Took Jay to Dr. & Painted Porch Table.

Another great day in TX.

Here are some "Fence Signs" !!

I got ready in 'town' clothes, got Bobcat and Snack taken care of early, as I was supposed to take Jay to his 9.00 AM doctor's appointment in the next town. Then he called at 7.30 and said his mother was going to take him as she had a doctor's appointment in town, too. So I asked Ray to come to work as we had things to do. Then, Jay called again, his mother wasn't up to going into the next town, so I asked Ray to paint the top of the porch table that we had made, and rushed down there to get Jay.

While he was with the doctor I got two errands run. One, to get some good dry cat food that a certain feed store sells. Two, drop off the Upright Commercial Hoover to get the wiring fixed. Then we went to two thrift shops. He found a beautiful jacket for $4. I got two cardigans, cotton top, pants, and a set of cereal bowls. On to WalMart to get a few things, and then home.
We took some food down to the fish and ducks, but the seagulls came in and got most of it. There were none in sight when we got to the lake, but
that spotter up in the sky, soon told them where the food was!

This is the little pan I bought on my last thrift shopping excursion. It sure does come in handy. I have warmed tortillas on the flat top while cooking something in the pan, grilled cheese sandwiches, one egg omelets, and frittatas in it. Just like an omelet pan, I can flip it over, and cook each side. Maybe I will find out what it really was built for, one of these days.

Not a very exciting day!

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