Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last Window, Last Screw, Then Crack !!!!

It was still sweater weather until about 10.30 and then the sun warmed everything up. But the sky started to cloud up, then got really dark off in the distance, so we knew it was going to rain.

We tried to hurry, and that was our downfall. At the very last window, and the very LAST screw, the Plexiglas cracked. We were packing everything up in the rain, dashing between the raindrops. Then it only dropped a few more drips of rain, and quit.
This picture was taken just before it happened. I don't know if we will have time to put a new one in just yet, as the Mirage needs to go to the transmission shop.

A cracking good day.


JB said...

Too bad, ain't that just the way it works though.

Leno said...

Oh so sorry Penny. All your hard work..