Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovely Spring Day. Made door. Fixed 2 cabinets.

It was so nice this morning that I could leave the patio door open for Bobcat to go in and out of the screen porch from the living room.
Varying weather reports say the temperature went up to 71-75 deg.

I picked up Jay, and he got me making Aztek pillow covers out of an Aztek pillow sham on my sewing machine. Every thrift shop we go to, we look for Aztek patterned fabric, for him.

We made a door for the double-decker cat house out of a piece of that wire stuff for closets. Used plastic wire holders for hinges, and a brass turn lock. We cut the front part down on the closet stuff, added two little knobs on the sharp ends, to made a door pull. Ray painted the top and will put another coat on tomorrow.
Ray also primed and painted a green two drawer chest, white. Also waiting for second coat of paint.
Jay and I repaired an old record player/LP record storage cabinet, but it needs refinishing. That is Ray's department, as he is good at that.

Orange Glow was loose in the dog room this morning, but now it is Snack's turn. She is eating just a little now and then. When I pick her up, she just purrs. Even when I am giving her the pills.

It was mentioned in the RV-Dreams chat room last night that they were interested in the blabbering I have done about pet diets. Thanks, I didn't know that anyone was interested, other than my family. If I save one pet from having to go through skin or urinary problems, etc. from eating corn meal and/or "meat by-products" in grocery store food, then I am happy. I am sorry to those not interested, who had to wade through it.

So we got some jobs done today.

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