Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting closer to leaving. Getting excited.

Another lovely tank-top sunny day.
Still packing and re-packing for the trip back, in my little one-horse RV.
It surely will be like camping, with no stove, toaster oven, microwave, shower, or hot water!!

Jay had spent another day with his mother at her doctor's appointments, so hadn't seen what I had been doing the last three days. He finally saw all the packed bags, and helped me pick them up to weigh them on the scales. I am an old girl scout, so I am going prepared for almost anything. He said "We can buy pillows at WalMart, we don't have to take them", until I explained that there would be no time, no stops, after we picked up the RV, to get to the State Park before dark.

Jay is behaving OK right now, as he had a medical condition come up that gets really painful if he drinks. So he is staying sober, and will be a great help to me. Also, having another person with me, allows six bags on the bus!! I wish my youngest son was as much help to me as Jay has been over the years. He was going to take his spare clothes in a hard suitcase, until I gave him a floppy, squashable ditty bag that will go in the overhead compartment in the bus. Gee, there will be no room for suitcases in the RV, anyway. I hate having to contend with suitcases in an RV, been there, done that. I am not even going to carry a purse, I have my wallet, cellphone, camera , and Kleenex in a big fanny pack.

I took a picture of it all, but the camera's cord is packed for today.

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