Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Odd Jobs On Mirage.

Still a bit chilly today, the nice weather won't be here again for a few days. But Bobcat insisted on going out on her porch.

The first thing that Ray and I did, was to waterproof the crack in the Plexiglas window with Marine Goop, inside and out. Then we were going to re-attach the running lights above the windows, but it seemed prudent to check them out first. We couldn't get them all to work. One of the sockets looks corroded, so I might just as well buy new ones. We screwed them back on, temporarily, so they
won't flop around on their wires while it goes to the transmission shop.
It is important to get the fifth gear checked out before it goes much further.

Ray worked on some places on the fiberglass rear, and the truck front. I took the toilet privacy curtain down, washed it, put new RV slider hangers on it, and re-installed it. It wasn't dirty, but it needed new little roller hangers on it anyway, as some were missing. Fortunately I had some. I greased all the hinges with White Grease Spray, so they don't squeak and squawk now. I cleaned out a compartment, got the jack out, tried it out, but I need to do it with a load on it, as I don't like the look of it. I found out where the spare is... thank goodness I have GS ERS, because I am not crawling under there to get it!

I spent some time looking for an inside/outside thermometer for the fridge. As it is 110v, but will run off the back battery through an inverter, I thought I had better be able to keep an eye on my food's temperature. I was pretty tickled to find one that is also a calendar and a clock. Now, how about that for space saving multi-tasking?

I also want a Carbon Monoxide detector in there, in case I ever have to use a propane heater. I never want to be as cold as I was that night stranded in Nacogdoches WalMart parking lot.
I had bought a new fan blade for the little powered roof vent, but I have been reading about how computer muffin 12v. fans are so much more quiet and energy efficient, that I have been researching that, too.

Just what I call "A Rat Killin' Day".

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