Monday, February 2, 2009

Pumpkin! Extra drawers

I heard thunder a couple of times in the night, but I didn't hear it rain. It had got warmer, so I had to turn the heat off. When I got up, the roads didn't look wet, but there were a few things outside that had a little water in them, so it must have drizzled a bit.

I was reading something in a people health site, and I found out why I the vet said to put pumpkin in Snack's food. Apparently, that is the thing to eat, as it catches the bacteria in the system, so that they get eliminated, instead of the body absorbing them.

I went to get Jay, but I didn't like the look of him, or the other fellow in a ratty red truck. It looked like they had been 'acting up'. No way did I want to be around him. Jay had coaxed MaeMae out of her doggie door at his mothers, so I scooped her up to keep her safe, as Jay's mother had gone to Houston for a doctor's appointment. Poor little MaeMae, she let me know that she hadn't had her breakfast.
When Jay's mother got back, she asked me to keep MaeMae here until Jay straightens up, so he won't get her again. She was also pretty upset as the doctor told her that she would probably only last a couple of months if she doesn't get a liver transplant. You would think that Jay could behave, and be some support to his mother. But that's the way it is with drunk/druggies, it's all "Me! Me! Me!". When Jay is good, he is very, very good, but when he is bad, he is horrid!

I came across these drawers as I was looking at some RV stuff. I already have some like these, made by another company, that I bought for a rig that needed some more drawers. They are so handy that I didn't let them go with that rig, as I didn't know where I would ever find any more, but here they are:
Now if you convert your dinette into a desk as the Cowboy did, they would come in very handy:

It was a sunny, but windy day.

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Sandra said...

Nice drawers, they'd be good for silverware.

I use cereal for myself that has both flax and pumpkin in it. Didn't know why, thanks for giving me the info!