Thursday, February 5, 2009

Catfish w. Ball. Cellular Blinds. Gorgeous Day

Lovely day here. It started out chilly, but it climbed to 72 deg. outside, and Bobcat basking in 75 deg. on my porch at 3.00PM.

Ray and I took the big cage outside again, disinfected it, and took it back into the middle room. While we were at it, we vacuumed and mopped the middle room and grooming room floor. I washed the blankies, toys and beds, so that cage is all clean for the next inhabitant, whoever that might be. I hope none, as that means that there is another little animal in need.

As I was doing my daily clicks on the Breast Cancer Help site, top left of this page, I saw the other folder places on the side. I had never looked at them. There are a lot of interesting stories there. This is from the Animal Rescue site. On the lower right of that page there are all sorts of articles, one about a catfish who got a ball stuck in his mouth, here where I live.

I have been wanting to try out something that I saw on an RV forum about cellular blinds, as I have them in my bedroom and bathroom. Ray got a ladder and took them down while I ran warm water in my bath tub and added a cup of Oxyclean to the water. I know that white clothes come out so much brighter than just using bleach with a scoop of Oxyclean added in the washer, so I wanted to try it. We let them soak for about half an hour, and then rinsed them, it was amazing, they look pale blue again. I stood them up to drain in the tub. I don't know what mine are made of, but they drained very quickly, so that I could move them elsewhere until they are completely dry. Beware, I did read on another forum that if you have Day/Night shades, that the 'Night' part is often made of paper, so if they are, you wouldn't be able to do this.

Ray vacummed the fan blades, I vacuumed the back of the computer. That is on our Once-A-Month-List anyway. I washed the valences, just fabric ones on rods, so my little area is getting a Spring clean. I also have miniblinds under the cellular blinds, but we didn't clean those today, as I have a different process for that.

Yesterday afternoon the man came and bought the long vanity top that we washed the other day, he also bought a smaller one and two bathroom cabinets. So we were able to condense stuff in my 'For Sale Dept'. I have had that 8 ft. marble vanity top advertised for over a year, and I am glad to have it out of the way, and in the bank! As I always say, things will evenutally sell on Craigslist.

Just a cleaning day.

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