Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missed Rain. Started on Mirage.

I found out last night in RV-Dreamers chat, that it was Nonna who waved at me from a big black SUV near Diboll, TX as I was driving the Mirage home. Small world, I wish I had known, so that we could have met.

We only just missed thunder and rain, as it started just after I got home with the little rig yesterday. Good thing it was the battery, and not the alternator or something that would have held us up.

Bobcat has been ignoring me, she is mad that I left her behind. When she saw me packing with her orange stroller, turned into a back pack, she thought she was going camping.

Snack is coming up to me, and purring"Good to have to home". She even ate well for Ray, that was my main worry.

Ray and I started on the Mirage this morning. First thing was to remove the gooped up clearance lights and windows. We could see that the lights had leaked, thank goodness it isn't wood up there. Each of the three windows must have been been installed by a different person, as each was attached in a different way.

We took an inside panel down so that we could get to the lights as
they were nut and bolted on. The nuts that had been used to install the middle Plexiglas window were on the inside. Whoever installed them hadn't even got them in a straight line, so they looked horrid.
On the side window the nuts were on the outside, and had a plastic trim ring, and the old "NoNo", silicone, on it. We didn't tackle the other side window yet. It is just one big goop of black stuff. Ray cleaned up the rim of the middle window, today.
Someone had done a terrible job of putting dark solar film on the Plexiglas, and I tried soaking and scraping it off, but new solar film would have to be installed to keep out the sun and heat. That isn't a problem, I have it here, and have installed it lots of times, but solar film doesn't do well on Plexiglas as it lets off a gas which causes bubbles. So after a long time messing with that, I decided to wait and see if I can buy some tinted Plexiglas tomorrow. I have often used it in RV door windows to replace the frosted ones, as I like to see out.
After six hours, we covered it with plastic, and called it a day.

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