Sunday, February 8, 2009

Painted inside of fence

Lovely tank top day again, even though there was a breeze.

Ray came over and we straightened up the RVport from when the man had bought the cabinets, and I drove the motor home back into it's place, at the end of the RVport. We were tired of walking around it.
The plan for today was to get the inside of the fence painted while the leaves aren't on the hedge. I got the paint sprayer out, and we fiddled with the thinning, and then the atomizer, but it wasn't going too well. Ray said he could do it with a brush quicker. I cleaned the paint sprayer while he was painting. The difficult part is that there is fencing attached to the rails, so that dogs can't get out, so you brush paint into each little square! Very tedious, been there, done that, that is why I bought the sprayer. Then he said it would two winters to get it done that way, and we went back to using the sprayer.
I held each bush out of the way, one way, and he held the next one, the other way, while he painted behind it, and our arms were aching. That privet is stronger than it looks.

We got one coat on, and called it a day.

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