Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Window Problems on a Rainy Day

No, Not that kind of Windows!!

I spent an hour calling Nissan and auto parts stores, trying to find the right paint for the truck part of the Mirage, so Ray, Jay and I started about 9.00am. As it was drizzling, I left the truck out of the RVport, and backed the Mirage into it's place. Ray got the moving pad and board so that he could stand on the hood again to clean up the messy window areas. Jay and I made a jig for the screw holes in the Plexiglas so that they would be all nice and even.

Then a label on the paper covered Plexiglas caught my eye. It said "Clear", so I scratched some paper off each side, and it was clear. I called Steens Glass, and she said bring it back in, and we will cut new ones. I get there, in the next town, and she says the man must not have looked at the work order. (I have a copy, and it says "Bronze".) Then the workman said that they are out of the tinted. I asked them why they didn't inform me of this problem, and couldn't they have bought some from Able, the other glass company in town. She rudely retorted that they don't know what Able has.

Steen's boss called a window tinting place and said that they would do it right away. I go all the way to that end of town and leave the Plexiglas, and they said it would be ready in 20 minutes, but that I would have to pay for it, as Steens had said that they wouldn't. $90 !!!!!!
While I was waiting, I went to Able Glass, and found out that they have the tinted, and it would be half the price that I had paid at Steens. I went back to the tinting place and they hadn't even started on it. Their boss came in and said that tint doesn't install very well on Plexiglas, as the glue sticks right away and "grabs", so it has no "slip", so it can go on wrinkled, and anyway it will start to bubble in about a day.

I took the clear Plexiglas back to Steens Glass , and asked for a refund which she refused to do.
So I went to Able Glass and left the patterns there for them to cut them out of tinted Plexiglas.
While I was waiting I went to HEB for some groceries, and auto parts stores trying to match up the two white paints we needed for the fiberglass and metal parts of the Mirage. I bought about 10 cans of different whites of Duplicolor, as they didn't have the one that I needed.

I picked up the tinted Plexiglas, came home, and filed a complaint with the BBB.

An exasperating day.

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