Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Cathouse. Maybe New (To Me) RV.

The forecast was for a lovely day, and it surely was.

I picked up Jay, as we were going to make a little old table into a cat house for Orange Glow. As their utility room isn't air conditioned we made it a 'summer house'. The wooden half of the top is hinged, to be able to take out the litter box.

Ray came over and cleaned the mini blinds from my bedroom. We lay them out on a table outside, spray them with Super Clean, rinse them with the hose, and stand them up to drain. Jay, being the tallest one here, put them up, and my cellular blinds, so my bedroom is all back together now.
Then Ray pressure washed the inside of the back yard's wooden fence to prepare it for paint.

Jay and I went to Petco to pick up some stuff from my SPCA boss. She had some old cages that didn't have floor pans anymore, but we can make floors for them, so they can be re-used. She had brought some special prescription canned food that we wanted to see if Snack would eat. Eating just dry food is not the best thing for animals, especially cats. It was Adoption Day, so we saw Debo there, he was so pleased to see us.
Snack didn't go to Adoption Day, she is just getting secure in her surroundings here, and she hates change, so she is just featured as Pet of The Month online. Folks who are interested in her will fill out an online application. She won't be displayed at Petco with the others on Adoption Days, she might get upset again. Once she gets used to her new forever home she will make a gentle, loving cat for someone. Even the vet said how wonderfully well behaved she is, even with being checked, prodded and thermometer put you know where! She didn't eat this new food, but took a couple bites of Bobcat's Special Diet canned food!!

A friend sent me some info about a teeny-weeny RV for sale in Little Rock, AR. I have been looking for one of these, closer to home, and here it is. If everything goes as planned, I will be getting on a bus in Huntsville, TX at 7.55 one morning soon, and arrive in Little Rock that evening. Then the 400+ miles getting it home! I don't do dark, so I plan on sleeping in it that night, if I buy it. And I will, if it is as represented.
This is not to take the place of the larger one that I am interested in, in KY, that would be for longer trips, and for a different purpose. I want them both, I could tow the tiny one behind the big one, if I had to!

So it turned into an exciting day.

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