Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cold to Warm. Re-build Cat House

I started out with a tank top, turtle neck, cardigan, scarf and coat. By noon, I was down to the tank top, the sunshine had warmed everything up so quickly. But as soon as the sun went down, it was back to a cardigan. Bobcat laid basking on the porch.

Ray came over and we washed down a big vanity top that some folks were coming to see, then he put the second coat of paint on the double decker cat house lid. When we looked inside the cat house there were nail ends sticking out all over the place. Someone had put it together with nails that were too long with a nail gun, then tried to cut them off with a circular saw. We could see the saw marks. There were oodles of sharp edges in there. Gee, we would have been better building one from scratch, by the time we had to take some of it apart. As usual, it took a bunch of tools to repair some one's stupidity. Two hammers, four different size pry bars, the sawzall, three drills, drill bits, punches, side cutters, dikes, and there were still some we couldn't get out completely, so we covered the little sharp edges with Bondo Spot Putty. This time we put it back together with the right length screws.

To make space for the cat house in Ray's utility room, we had to move a bunch of stuff. I backed out the truck and motor home, so that we could store some doors at the end of the 3-sided RVport. Someone is supposed to be coming here to buy some of them, too. I found a shelf unit that Ray can use to store some of his stuff that would fit beside the cat house, if he wishes. He has that back porch/utility room crammed full, and not very well organized.

By the time we had put a litter box and dishes in there, Shay was worried that Orange Glow wouldn't have enough room to stretch out, he is a big, long, cat. He was put in it tonight, as we were all tired of fooling with it, but we might be going to Plan B tomorrow.

Then I had to find out about taking care of a tiny young dog that was thrown out of a truck. It has been to a vet, but it might have been thrown away because it has hereditary mange, so I am trying to get the medical records. This is just what I have been told by the person who took it home with them. A good brand of dog food and Ivermec should straighten it out, but I want to make sure that it doesn't have the contagious kind of mange before I commit to it. We have a fostermom who has an isolation ward for such cases. Either way, it will be be cared for properly.

A re-building day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Will work for hot dogs!! How funny Penny...good to see you last night I usually get on much earlier.