Friday, November 13, 2009

Incoming Saved Mail. Fixed items in Dog Room.

Ray was going to be late today, so I was trying to catch up on reading my emails.  Then I saw that dratted little hourglass when I clicked on 'Read' to read emails.  Now, I hate that little hourglass, I would like to behead him/her!  I couldn't understand why my computer was slow, as I do a Disk Clean-Up every night before I shut it down.  That's running while I go put the cats to bed with their treats, turn off their TV and light, as it takes that long.  I also keep my cache cleared, defrag every so often, and all that stuff. 
I learned the hard way, my first computer only had 32 RAM, yes, 32, and was on dial-up, so I learned to keep it running at above snail's pace by keeping it cleaned out.    Then I remembered to look in my PC's Incoming/Saved Mail.  I usually have that turned off, as I either answer emails, keep them until I have time to, delete them, or file them and my answers, in folders on AOL's Email Storage, not on my PC.  Yup, that Incoming/Saved Mail was saving all the emails on my PC that I had received for the last few weeks. Once I got that cleared out, and reset, that nasty little hourglass went bye-bye!  Another problem solved for a computer illiterate like me.

When Ray got here, we had a couple of jobs to do in the Middle Room.  I keep some covers fastened on top of the cages so that if the cats jump up there, they won't get their legs caught.  Since we turned the cages upside down yesterday, one cage had big spaces on the top.  I had grabbed a big piece of cardboard to lay on it for the night.  Ray and I went up in my attic, and brought down some luann, (really thin plywood), and he cut it to fit.  Then it was covered with an old drape to make it comfy for them.  They love to sit there, as there is a big window in the wall and they can watch me. The other little cage on top, is a favorite place for them to sleep, too. It keeps Patches used to it, as that is her transportation cage.

When we were moving everything yesterday, there were a bunch of toys under the cabinet that is under Prime's "house".  So Ray cut some strips of white paneling, and taped it on there.  That will stop that!  They like to sleep in that hidey-hole, too.

Patches likes the bed I bought at the thrift shop the other day. It has been washed and disinfected, so I put it in the Dog Room.  They take turns sleeping on top of the Kitty condo, so maybe they will share this bed, too.

Here's something to think about... How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins Lottery.'

"You don't sew with a fork, so I see no reason to eat with knitting needles." - Miss Piggy, on eating Chinese Food.

 Ray still had a while before he had to pick up Shay from work, so we both attacked the pine needles with rakes, in the back yard.  As I am so close to the road back there, I am always worried that some silly sod will throw a cigarette butt out there, and I couldn't go through another house burning down.

It was a little too windy for burning them today.

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