Monday, November 9, 2009

National Parks Funding Increase. Washed TranStar.

Another great day in the mid 70's, after starting out a bit chilly, and it was tank top weather again. Hooray!
I can't have the Yard Sale yet, as Ida's backlash might give us some bad weather.  Rain is forecast for this weekend.

Jay cut some strips of plywood to bridge a gap in Ray's utility room to make it a bit warmer this winter. It is all under one roof, but there was a place where cold air could get in from that attic, so he screwed them in place.   Blackie, the outside cat, sleeps in there, and we want to be ready for winter.  Winter came early for this area last year, and stayed around too long.

Then Jay and I brought more yard sale items down from the storeroom attic, moved a bunch of the stuff around in the RVport.  We installed a 12' long shelf on the side wall of the RVport for putting glassware and breakables on display, away from little fingers! Then we covered everything securely with tarps again, as one side of the RVport is open, if we have a driving rain.

Ray washed the TranStar, as we are getting it ready to go back on the road.  Old fashioned colors inside, and not the floor plan I prefer, but at least I will be comfy while I look for a newer one. I have owned 9 newer RVs since I bought this one, but sold them as they didn't measure up to this one!

It is great that they have increased the funding for the National Parks.  I hope that doesn't mean a price increase though!

"It's a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water." - Franklin P. Jones

Altogether a pretty good day.


Mom Bark+Bite said...

TranStar looking good, Penny. What is in the area inside where the window is located behind the truck cab?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

If you mean the window at the top front, it is a hinged opening window. Like they had on cars.
I have never opened it, and covered it with board insulation the same color as the interior. There is nothing above the driver and passenger except that window and a cabinet on each side, so it is easy to get from the cab into the living room with no ducking down.
I will post a picture.
Thanks for your comment.