Sunday, November 22, 2009

JFK. Fridge and Wolves.

Today, it is 46 years since he was gunned down. I was in England waiting for my Immigration Visa to be approved to come to the US. Everything was silent for a long time, everyone was in shock.
But we should not dwell on his death, but rather his life.

No rain today, so Ray and I started on some of the jobs to be done to the motor home, while the cats lounged around on the screen porch. The MH isn't in the RVport right now, because all the yard sale stuff has invaded it's territory. So paddling back and forth, tracking in when the ground is wet, isn't really an option.

The fridge door is always left in the 'air out' position, so I couldn't understand why it was dirty. Then I found out that the last person who had stayed in it, had left marg and cheese hidden in the dairy keeper. We cleaned the fridge, and soaked the shelves in the utility sink in the work shop. Now it is all clean again.

Ray had to leave early, but I stayed in there going through things. When you have had a MH as long as I have had this one, items seem to breed in there. Now why would there be 5 raincoats, 2 shower curtains, 4 sugar bowls, 3 canning funnels, and umpteen towels? It was a case of "Oh, it will be handy in the MH" thoughts, and it gets put in there. I went through the tools, and it was the same way with them.
Now it seems that they are killing wolves again. First they don't want them, and they became almost extinct. Then they re-introduce them to certain areas, now they are shooting them again.

Wolves hunt out the weak, the sick, the old, and the injured. They help the population of prey animals like the elk, deer, moose, and caribou, by taking away the weak and letting the strong survive. This is important part in the ecological system. By enhancing the strength into the herds. Without animals like the wolf to eliminate the weak, old , sick and injured, the herd of deer would swelter. They would become so numerous that they would starve to death. The wolf helps keep them healthy by insuring the breeding of the strong.
Wolves also help feed other animals. When a wolf kills and eats, he sometimes can't eat it all. This leftover feeds animals such as the buzzard, the possum,fox, coyotes and eagles. They help keep the forest clean by removing the sick before it can spread.

From 1997:: Rebirth of Yellowstone's Wolves By Mark Wexler.
The saga of the first wolf pups born in the region in seven decades.
When these eight newborn wolf pups were found two summers ago huddled together in a den in Yellowstone, biologists were elated. The pups were the first gray wolves born in the region since the 1920s--the last time wild wolves roamed the national park.
In 1995, as part of a plan to help restore all of the pieces of Yellowstone's original ecosystem, scientists began reintroducing wolves from Canada into the park. Two of those wolves, a female known as Number 9 and a male called Number 10, paired up and produced these offspring.

The pups' lives got off to a rocky start, however. Soon after they were born, their father was killed by a poacher, who later was convicted under provisions of the Endangered Species Act. Their mother remained close to the den site and by chance, researchers in the area heard the plaintiff cry of a pup. Moments later, they found the infant wolves nestled together in a rocky crevice. Scientists put the eight pups and their mother in a Yellowstone holding pen for rehabilitation."

"Today, Yellowstone visitors can hope for the opportunity to see a wild wolf or at least hear one howling. Although wolf sightings are relatively uncommon in the park, all visitors can enjoy the feeling that comes with knowing that the wolf is once again part of the Yellowstone wilderness that is so precious to us all."

"The Idaho Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife have announced a “derby” hunt -- a contest to kill as many animals as possible, including wolves. Nearly 180 wolf mothers, fathers and pups have already been killed in Idaho and Montana’s deadly hunting season. Now, Idaho’s wolves face a contest to gun them down as fast as possible.

I was there when the first wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park, and I have personally guided Defenders members to watch the Cottonwood pack -- including its matriarch, wolf 527, her mate and her daughter. Sadly, these wolves were mercilessly gunned down in a hail of bullets. Wolf 527 was an extraordinary wolf. She left Yellowstone’s famous Druid pack and later went on to found and lead the Cottonwoods -- one of the most beloved packs in the park. She was a master strategist, a leader and a mother. Her pack thrived where others struggled. But she and other key members of her pack couldn’t escape the bullets that struck them down. Now, the Cottonwood pack is unlikely to survive without 527, her mate and the other family members that were killed."
"Dear Friend,
Yellowstone National Park’s famous Cottonwood Pack has just been destroyed -- all the adult wolves have been killed and the surviving pups will likely die without their wolf family. These are just some of the latest victims of the federal government’s likely illegal decision to eliminate vital protections for our wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the northern Rockies.Please sign Defenders of Wildlife's petition and urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to immediately take action to restore protections for these amazing animals. The next few weeks will be crucial for our wolves in the Greater Yellowstone region. The future of wolves in the northern Rockies is at a crossroads -- and it will take the voices of caring wildlife supporters like you and me to make a difference."
I just don't understand people today.

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Mom of Bark+Bite said...

Great information! Thought about you today Penny-well in a way. I raised my boxer Sam's (aka Bite) food bowl up. My Lhasa Apso Frisco (aka Bark) and him eat at the same time.Sam being the dainty eater he is with that big mouth throws his food all around on the floor. Frisco loves eating all the food Sam throws out. I watch them today as Frisco would wait for more food to come down.I look at Frisco as he waited and thought it is like he is waiting for------ Pennys From Heaven--- Who would ever thought that song was about little pieces of dog food!!!!! My laugh for the day with my rescue dogs..