Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cans for Adjustment. "Captain's Word Is Law"

Great weather again, but we didn't get any work done. Ray had another job to do, but I picked up Jay.

We called his cell phone company to stop the voice mail feature, as he was getting a bunch of unwanted sales calls on it, using up his minutes. Of course that took some time, as we could hardy understand the customer service man, but their lady rep was a bit better. Jay hasn't figured out how to get to his voice mail messages anyway!

Jay loaded up some vacuums into the Puddle Jumper, that he wanted to put in the yard sale. And we measured for the drawer to go under the dishwasher. He thought he might have a drawer, but his were too wide. I think that I might one have one too. But didn't go over the storeroom to look yet. Now that the space is a lot taller than when the Haier dishwasher was in there, things have changed. But that is as far as we got.

I took Jay and his New In Box computer desk that he had for sale into Conroe, as the folks who wanted to buy it were Spanish speaking. There was no way that I could send them directions how to get here in TexMex. But "WalMart Garden Center at 1.30 pm", is just about understood in any language! They were there, and that was done.

From WalMart we went to a couple of thrift shops. Jay bought some jeans, I bought a cat bed, and a paper towel holder for the TranStar.

I had an appointment at the chiropractor's office for 3.15 pm. But I didn't have to pay him. This was "Adjustment for 5 Cans Day". All the cans are for the Food Bank. I took two bags of canned goods, and even some canned cat and dog food, as they gotta eat, too.

On to Lowes to return some plumbing parts, and get some other items. Then to Kroger's to get a few things there. They even had Pumpkin Egg Nog for 25 cents a half gallon. So I froze some for later. As you have to take the lid off, and empty a tad out before freezing, because of the expansion, I tasted a sample. Nummy!

Vickie, Mom of Bark and Bite, asked me what is up there by that top front window on the TranStar. So here are some pictures.
The sign on the left cabinet door says" The Captain's Word Is Law"! The opening skylight window has never been opened as long as I have owned it, as I didn't want to tempt leaks. That is beige foam board insulation to keep the sun and heat out. So now you can see, how it easy it is to get from the cab to the living area, with no ducking.

Another fine day.


Mom of Bark+Bite said...

I did not know they made Pumpkin Egg Nog. I'll look for it here. The vet told me to feed can pumpkin to my small dog. He hates it. I have to fold it up in some low fat low salt meat. Big Boy on the other hand thinks pumpkin is the best treat in the whole world.Some of the joys in life when you have 2 rescue dogs. You are right getting out of your seat in the TranStar would be easy. That would make driving and camping easy. Did my clicks Penny

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Canned pumpkin, not the pie filling, is good for people and animals, for all stomach upsets. Whether they have the runs, or are constipated. I keep what is left of the can of pumkin, frozen in very small plastic containers, in the freezer. Then I can defrost one in the microwave when needed.
Real Yogurt is good for that, too.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Sandra said...

As always, a wealth of information.

Regarding the water pillow, I used it for the first time last night and I might have too much water in it for me, I'll try it another night and if it's too much I'll dump some. No, it's not cold, the reservoir is in the back of the pillow so you don't even realize it's a water pillow till you pick it up. Nancy really likes hers.