Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting Ready To Go To San Antonio to See RV

 Still fairly cold in the mornings, around low 40's.
Yesterday, I had packed everything I thought that I might need in a little suitcase on wheels, but today I transferred it over to Bobcat's Back Pack carrier.  Just in case, I don't buy the RV, I will have to come back by bus, and it is easier to carry.  It fits down on the floor of the bus at my feet.  It is also a back pack, when the light weight framework is slipped off and folded up.  I like all the different compartments that I can get to easily.

The only thing that would stop me from buying this RV, is if I don't feel right about the mechanicals, as I know I am going to love the floor plan. Nice big kitchen and rear bedroom.  I love my old TranStar, but that making up the couch/bed in the living room is the pits.  This has a real bed which can stay made up.

Ray and I took the Haier Dishwasher out, and moved the shelf up, as the Danby is shorter, yet wider.  Then we figured out what plumbing parts I needed to have.

My back has been bothering me, and I knew I needed to see a chiropractor, but had wanted to find one that was on my health plan.   But as I am changing that in the New Year, I called my regular one, got it done, and paid for it out of my own pocket.  I didn't feel like doing all that traveling tomorrow, with an aching back.

I stopped at Lowes, and bought the parts I need for the dishwasher, and when I came home, I found another bag, packed a sleeping bag, and little pillow.  If I get stranded somewhere, like I did with the Mirage, I am not going to be cold again!  I don't want to use the furnace in a strange RV until I have had the propane water column tested for leaks.

A lovely fall day.


Mom of Bark+Bite said...

I am painting my kitchen-ceiling -walls--cabinets with 10 ft ceilings.Hope to put in a new floor. Trying to keep up with your blog. I miss something. Where are you going-how will you get there- will you be safe-is someone going with you. The picture of the new (to us) motor home looks good. What brand is it- age? I agree with you some of the new B+ motorhomes cost a lot but you have to make up a bed every night. That would get old. Good luck.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Mom of Bark and Bite,
A friend is picking me up in about an hour and a half on their way south. The RV has belonged to them for the last few years. It is 14" wider than a regular Class B, so it is almost like a little Class A. It is called WideOne, made in the 80's, and they are pretty rare. Steel sides, like a van.
I have always preffered RVs with good amount of protection from 'the other guy', so when I fulltimed I was in converted Bluebird busses.
Those flimsy RVs made of little sticks and aluminum have never appealed to me.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX