Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Thought I Had All the Bugs Out! Opt-Out

It was around 40 deg. on the screen porch this morning, but Bobcat and Patches, still wanted to go out there. Prime took one sniff, and decided to stay in the house, and I thought she was ‘slow’! They soon wanted in for their breakfasts though.

The cable was out, so there was no TV or broadband. Patches kept on meowing, “Mom, It’s too quiet in here”, so I turned a radio on for her. Not that we can get any decent stations.

That meant no internet, so I cranked up the laptop as it has a phone line to it, so I could use dial-up. And people wonder why I am so adamant about having a 'phone hole' in my computers because our cable goes out frequently. I knew the WiFi wouldn't work as it goes through the modem from the cable company. If that is the right terminology.

I read and answered my mail with a cup of that HEB coffee, and then tried to get into Live Writer. I couldn't. After messing with this button and that click for a while, I got it going, and I thought "Good, now I have all the bugs out.", as it had acted up on the laptop before. So I started writing this while waiting for the TV to come back on. I know that I don't have to be connected to the internet for that, and if I had known what I know now, I would have done it on the PC! Or just gone straight to blogspot.

Then I remembered that I needed some more Exclusive Cat Food from the feedstore, and they would be closed tomorrow. So I went into town, bought that, and some things at Krogers. When I got back at around 1.00 PM, the cable was still out, but it came on soon after.

Turned on the PC, went to Live Writer, and my draft wasn't there. So, OK, it is like My Pictures, it is only in the computer that you put it in. I didn't realize that, as I am computer illiterate. Then the laptop wouldn't connect to the wireless, it said it was, but it wouldn't connect, I reconfigured this and that, but finally had to hook the phone line back into it, to copy and paste this draft.
I can see what a fine old time I am going to have, if I try to use the laptop on WiFi out on the road! I know it is not BUGS, it's just me, really.

But, I do know where the place is to Opt-Out of Yahoo Ad Matching:

"The first actual computer bug was a moth. It was stuck in between the relays on the Harvard Mark II. [Aiken Relay Calculator ] While the invention of the term 'bug' is often but erroneously attributed to Grace Hopper, a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy, who supposedly logged the "bug" on September 9, 1945, most other accounts conflict at least with these details. According to these accounts, the actual date was September 9, 1947 when operators filed this 'incident' — along with the insect and the notation "First actual case of bug being found"
( ). Since then the evaluation of computer Bugs take exponential function."

"Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Computers are from he...(double hockey sticks)"

Two idiots are about to go flying
"Two idiots stand on a cliff with their arms outstretched. One has some budgies lined up on each arm, the other has parrots lined up on his arms.
After a couple of minutes, they both leap off the cliff and fall to the ground.
Laying next to each other in intensive care at the hospital, one idiot says to the other, "I don't think much of this budgie jumping."
The other moron replies, "Yeah, I'm not too keen on this para-gliding either."

Y'all have a safe holiday.

I had better bug out for the day!

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